Kapitall Kids Theatre presents Hansel and Gretel during the July 2012 school holidays at Gryphon Theatre in Wellington.

Hansel and Gretel are lured into the forest by the promise of a big reward for the capture of the local witch, Honey Toothrot. But Witch Toothrot knows they’re coming and has sent her familiars out into the forest to catch them and make them her slaves. Hansel and Gretel are walking into a trap, and they’ll need all the help the kids can give them, in order to catch the witch and get out safely! With lots of music and familiar tunes to sing along with, Kapitall Kids Theatre brings you a fun-filled Hansel and Gretel this July school holidays!


  • email: kkt@paradise.net.nz
  • phone: (04) 934 4068

Tickets $10 .00 / Groups 10+ $9.00