Adam Page, Adelaide, Australia, at the Capital E National Arts Festival.

Capital E National Arts Festival 2013 - Like It Or Loop It - Adam Page (2)

Did you ever know that your name alone has enough rhythm to create the sounds of a drum kit? Have you ever considered the sound of a passing bus to be the same as an opera singer’s voice?

In Like it or Loop it, award-winning Australian multi-instrumentalist Adam Page takes you on a journey through a normal day – exploring its sounds and finding the music in everything from brushing your teeth in the morning to falling asleep at night.

  • Education Dates: Mon 11 – Fri 15 & Mon 18 – Fri 22 March
  • Public Show: 2pm Sat 23 March
  • Venue: Paramount Theatre, Wellington
  • Age: 4 – 14 years
  • Duration: 40 minutes

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