TAPAC and Company of Giants present

Tapac June13


Directed by Laurel Devenie and Katy Maudlin.

Having achieved critical acclaim during the Northland Youth Theatre season, Company of Giants brings Homer’s magnum opus The Odyssey in their own unique style to Auckland’s TAPAC in June with their re-imagined production of Odyssey.

As Odysseus struggles home from the Trojan War, battling angry gods, lustrous goddesses, foreboding prophecies and eventually the death of his crew, his son Telemachus battles the dilemmas of an absent parent, and must go on his own journey to discover his history and track down the father he never met. Penelope, his wife, waits in a decaying household, amidst debauched suitors, vying for her hand and fortune, anxiously hoping for news of her husband, or a sign that he’ll be coming back…

The Odyssey’s far-reaching influence has been insurmountable; from its many translations across history of literature, theatre and film, the themes of human dilemma, the effects of war, destiny, family and the spiritual connection of home are ones that transcend language and cultural barriers.

Company of Giant’s original season with Northland Youth Theatre, set outdoor at The Quarry Arts Centre in Whangarei, earned high praise from audience and critics alike with its site-specific version encompassing incredible performances from 8 year olds to 18 year olds of Northland Youth Theatre. The sell-out ten night season saw over 1100 people experiencing this show and many returning for more.

The Auckland season sees Odyssey remounted for an indoor setting at the prestigious TAPAC, as they amalgamate eight of their previous cast and crew with a new group of local teenagers and primary school children; becoming an entirely different piece that celebrates these new performers and builds upon what has been created before.

The performance also lends itself to the creation of what could be a resident youth theatre company at TAPAC’s, given that Company of Giant’s focus is to produce work that appeals to and is generated by young people.

Helmed once again by Laurel Devenie (director – Thinning, 1001 Mirrors, assistant director – The House of Bernada Alba) and Katy Maudlin (artist residency – Shopfront Theatre Sydney), and featuring performances from Lutz Hamm (Macbeth – Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ, 2011) and Thomas Gowing (part of the original Northland Youth Theatre cast), Odyssey brings to TAPAC the intense and wonderful storytelling that has helped put Company of Giants on the map.

“… breathtakingly inventive.” – Theatreview


  • 26th – 30th June, 7pm / 3pm Weekend Matinees
  • TAPAC – 100 Motions Road, Western Springs, Auckland
  • $20 / $25 – School Bookings Available
  • Bookings: TAPAC – or 09 845 0295 ext 2

For more information contact:

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