International Meeting 2013

“FACING THE ARTIST” – 22nd-29th June 2013 in Linz

The ASSITEJ International Meeting is the biggest annual artistic gathering within the field of theatre for young audiences. It addresses practitioners and researchers from around the world to come together in order to discuss present day developments within the theatre for young audiences, to exchange experiences and work on the future development of this field.

From 22nd-29th June 2013 ASSITEJ Austria in conjunction with the International Theatre Festival SCHÄXPIR invites artists from around the world to Linz to become part of the International Meeting!

With the working topic FACING THE ARTIST seminars, discussions and workshops are dedicated to different aspects and topics such as music- and dancetheatre. In collaboration with artists and researchers from all over the world, the meeting will emphasize some of the essential questions: In which categories do today’s artists think and work? Between didactic and pedagogic claims, entertainment and “spectacularisation” – where do the artistic perspectives lie? All these questions will stir up controversy and open up diverse perspectives to talk about theatre as art. FACING THE ARTIST will be an artistic gathering for people in theatre for children and young people from all over the world to meet, interact, and develop new creative opportunities.

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