Capital E National Theatre for Children presents


 Hinepau is different from other members of the hapū. She looks different, weaves back to front and inside out, and just doesn’t seem to fit in. Hinepau’s attempts to hide her uniqueness fail and, through fear and prejudice, she is cast out.

As time moves on, the influence of the tētē ara (upcoming chief) grows, along with his arrogance. His actions lead to a violent volcanic eruption, destroying the village. With their land desolate, there is little chance of survival.

Hinepau respects the mauri; life force. The power of her respect offers the opportunity to save the village, but only through an ultimate gift of aroha can she save the very people who rejected her.

Based on the book of the same name by Gavin Bishop, published by Scholastic New Zealand
Directed by Jamie McCaskill
Originally devised by Rachel House, Jamie McCaskill, Erina Daniels, Stephen Tamarapa and Maria Walker 

Touring to:

North Island

  • Wellington // Hannah Playhouse // 27-29 July
  • New Plymouth // TSB Showplace Theatre Royal // 2 August
  • Hamilton // Clarence Street Theatre // 5 August
  • Manukau // Vodafone Events Centre // 9 August
  • Whangarei // Forum North //15 August
  • Tauranga // Baycourt Community & Arts Centre // 18 August
  • Rotorua // Civic Theatre // 22 August
  • Gisborne // War Memorial Theatre // 25 August
  • Napier // Municipal Theatre // 29 August
  • Palmerston North // Regent on Broadway // 19 September
  • North Shore // Bruce Mason Centre // 22 September

South Island

  • Christchurch // Isaac Theatre Royal // 2 September
  • Invercargill // Civic Theatre // 6 September
  • Dunedin // Kings & Queens Performing Arts Centre // 9 September
  • Nelson // Theatre Royal // 13 September

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