Bookings for our theatre shows and registrations for our workshops are now open! Join Massive Company – a professional theatre company with youth at the heart – for our vibrant 2017 programme.

Book now for our school’s only performances!

  • HOPE BURNS (working title) – A brand new Emerging Artists show playing in Auckland in July/August, directed by Scotty Cotter (The Rehearsal, Shortland Street, The Brave)
  • THE WHOLEHEARTED – The nationwide tour of this acclaimed show The Wholehearted, directed by Sam Scott. “It’s a beast this life, but what a beautiful struggle.”

Get involved in Massive!

  • WORKSHOPS – In 2017 we are holding a whopping 11 Intro Workshops around New Zealand! Our workshop will have you dancing, running, skipping and loving to pretend! Register here
  • MASSIVE NUI ENSEMBLE – Come hang out with our Massive Nui Ensemble in action as they make and perform theatre throughout the year in Auckland.

Massive has much more to offer!