Giggles will be ringing out at The Court Theatre as improvised comedy The Early Early Late Show begins running as a monthly event for 2019. 

Historically performed in KidsFest’s annual two-week festival, The Early Early Late Show will now be performed regularly at The Court Theatre on the first Sunday of every month.

“We’ve traditionally done The Early Early Late Show in KidsFest, but we think it’ll be cool to have an event that you can go to throughout the year. The Early Early Late Show gives families a regular outing where they know they’re going to have a great time,” says Dan Bain, The Court’s Associate Director and Artistic Director of The Court Jesters.  

Recommended for children aged 8 – 12, a cast of Court Jester favourites will make up The Early Early Late Show team. The Court Jesters are best known for their weekly late-night comedy show, Scared Scriptless, which inspired this family-friendly version of the improvised comedy show.

In The Early Early Late Show, the cast create hilarious sketches, scenes and songs on the spot, inspired by audience suggestions – which is also the premise of Scared Scriptless

“It’s fun, family-friendly improv comedy done by the funniest comedians in town. We know for a fact that our younger audience really responds to the immediacy, challenge and silliness of improv theatre.” 

 The Early Early Late Show makes its debut in a full weekend of improv at The Court Theatre, with Scared Scriptless also returning on the 1st and 2nd of February for two very special, very early 8pm shows.  

The Early Early Late Show runs at The Court Theatre the first Sunday of every month at 4pm, starting on the 3rd February.

Ticket Prices
All tickets                                                            $13

Show Times

●             Sunday 3rd February                        4pm 
●             Sunday 3rd March                             4pm
●             Sunday 7th April                                 4pm 
●             Sunday 5th May                                 4pm

●             Sunday 2nd June                                4pm 
●             Sunday 7th July                                  4pm

●             Sunday 4th August                            4pm 
●             Sunday 1st September                    4pm

●             Sunday 6th October                         4pm 
●             Sunday 3rd November                    4pm
●             Sunday 1st December                     4pm

Bookings: phone 03 963 0870 or visit