About PAYPA / ASSITEJ New Zealand

PAYPA is a New Zealand network of performing arts practitioners and organisations dedicated to engaging children and young people in the performing arts.

PAYPA is the national network for ASSITEJ in New Zealand.

The current PAYPA board:

  • Jenny Wake, Calico Young People’s Theatre
  • Stuart Grant, Capital E
  • Kerryn Palmer, Victoria University of Wellington / Independent Practitioner
  • Lynne Cardy, Auckland Theatre Company
  • Whetu Silver, Auckland Theatre Company
  • Tim Bray, Tim Bray Productions

The current contact person for ASSITEJ Aotearoa New Zealand and administrator of this site is Jenny Wake.

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ASSITEJ is the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People. ASSITEJ strives to unite theatres, organizations and individuals throughout the world dedicated to theatre for children and young people. ASSITEJ promotes international exchange of knowledge and practice in theatre in order to increase creative co-operation and to deepen mutual understanding between all persons involved in the performing arts for young audiences.

The aims of ASSITEJ are as follows:

Recognizing that children and young people make up a large part of the world’s population and that they represent the future, the aims of the Association are:

  • To work for the rights of children and young people to artistic experiences especially designed and created for them.
  • To work for the recognition and acknowledgement of theatre for children and young people.
  • To work for improvement of the conditions of theatre for children and young people all over the world.
  • To improve the common knowledge of theatre for children and young people worldwide, thus drawing the attention of international and national authorities to the importance of taking children and young people and the artistic work created for them seriously.
  • To give people working with theatre for children and young people the opportunity to learn about the work of colleagues from other countries and cultures, thus enabling them to enrich theatre for children and young people in their own country.
  • To help to form in all countries, ASSITEJ centres and networks which function in accordance with the mission, constitution and policies of the Association. These centres and networks shall unite all theatres, organizations, and persons interested in theatre for children and young people.
  • To help to establish international artistic networks to explore different aspects of artistic work for children and young people, to increase the artistic competence of artists and to benefit them.

For more information about ASSITEJ and international ASSITEJ news and events, check out the website: http://www.assitej-international.org/